Wines to see the summer out

by  |  17-08-2018

The second half of August in Spain forms a downhill sprint to September/reality. Everyone is tanned, well swam and well, kinda “over” the whole beach thing at this point. Many just want to chill, usually in the less busy points of civilization such as the villages, while the return to work looms ever more defined on the horizon. The heat is still with us however and much like past years, the humidity as well. I don’t like the premise that you can’t drink red wine when it’s hot as I say that when it’s too hot to drink red wine, just don’t drink. While that works for a personal credo, always having a couple of bottles of something fresh and crisp around the house goes a long way to win over guests who may not share in my no-wine summer beliefs. If you don’t believe me, try offering multiple rounds […]
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