Catalan BBQ wine gets a new look: Castell del Remei Gotim

It’s been four Julys in a row that I’ve not been in the US for Independence Day on the 4th. This isn’t something that I consider to be the utmost of tragedies as it’s a day of drinking, lighting shit on fire, and then for some asinine reason, driving home drunk. No, I can’t say that I miss these aspects but I do miss the meat grilling.

Sure, we grill plenty in Catalonia but it’s different. The hamburger patties and hot dogs aren’t the same (generally more healthy albeit more pork-prone) but the wine sure can be. That term, “BBQ Wine” might not have a great ring to it, but I find nothing wrong with it and it’s fitting that I received two samples that, if I were in the US, I’d be opening right up today.

Castell de Remei is in the oft-forgotten DO Costers del Segre and there are some excellent wines to be found out there. But even in the more standard wines, there are some good values which is where I put these two. There’s nothing about them that screams “classic” but they’re mighty fine for everyday drinking and overall well-priced, thus the BBQ wine status that I bequeath them. Also, the newly-redesigned labels are a definite improvement over the rather stodgy look they used to have.

Blanc 2015
Greenish lemon in color. Grapefruit, lychee, gooseberry, tinge of vanilla sweetness. Medium minus acidity and body. Short finish. Basic, straight white

Sauvingon Blanc, Macabeu 12.5% 6.20€

Bru 2013
Spicy round red cherry note with a limestone clay base, toffee and minor toasted notes. Medium minus body, medium acidity, light red fruit that carries in a short finish.

Grenache, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cab Sauvignon 13% 8.20€