Catalan BBQ wine gets a new look: Castell del Remei Gotim

by  |  04-07-2016

It’s been four Julys in a row that I’ve not been in the US for Independence Day on the 4th. This isn’t something that I consider to be the utmost of tragedies as it’s a day of drinking, lighting shit on fire, and then for some asinine reason, driving home drunk. No, I can’t say that I miss these aspects but I do miss the meat grilling. Sure, we grill plenty in Catalonia but it’s different. The hamburger patties and hot dogs aren’t the same (generally more healthy albeit more pork-prone) but the wine sure can be. That term, “BBQ Wine” might not have a great ring to it, but I find nothing wrong with it and it’s fitting that I received two samples that, if I were in the US, I’d be opening right up today. Castell de Remei is in the oft-forgotten DO Costers del Segre and there […]
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