14-11-2017 ~ 2 Comments

Tasting the latest of Vins de Pedra

It was back in 2012 that I witnessed the first breaths of Vins de Pedra. During a spring visit to La Vinyeta and chatting with owner, Josep Serra, it was impossible to miss a new series of wines that were markedly different from the look of those of his winery. As it turned out, they were by his soon-to-be wife, Marta Pedra and made in the region of DO Conca de Barberà.

Marta couldn’t have chosen a better time to start making use of some family vines and initiate this new project in the region as it’s one that’s just starting to get better recognized, largely due to its Trepat grape in addition to the standard fare of grapes in Catalunya. Watching the evolution of Marta’s wine has been distinctly rewarding as the initial two have grown to a family of five that cover a wide range of tastes and dare I say, actually manage to give a sense of just what Conca de Barberà seems to be comprising as a distinct style.


Vins de Pedra - L’Orni 2016
Light pineapple, lime zest, water cress, backed apple pie, stony granite minerality with bit of thyme and bitter almond. Very well integrated on the palate, full bodied with crisp, driving acidity but a good kick of green orchard fruit to push it along.
90% Chardonnay, 10% Parellada · 13.5% · 13EUR
90 2 Stars

Vins de Pedra - Trempat 2016
Dark garnet in color. Crisp raspberry and light red cherry notes along with hints of garrigue, white pepper, and a bit of strawberry marmalade. Bright and structured on the palate with quite buoyant raspberry and mature strawberry. Quite pleasing take on the grape.
100% Trepat · 13% · 13EUR
90 2 Stars

Vins de Pedra - La Musa 2015
Dark ruby color. Forest floor, mossy with light red cherry and raspberry notes, minor plum, sage. Fresh and lively on the palate, very nice integration of the fruits and a medium finish to round it out.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache · 14.5% · 13EUR
90 2 Stars

Vins de Pedra - Negre de Folls 2016
Light ruby color. Good deal of reductive notes initially that eventually give way to light raspberry notes, sawdust, and a bit of charcoal. Quite direct red fruit notes on the palate that leave it a bit short and without much weight.
Grenache, Tempranillo, Trepat · 13.5% · 7.50EUR
89 1 Stars

Vins de Pedra - Blanc de Folls 2016
Briny lemon peel with light green apple, flecks of spearmint. Fresh with lively lemon notes on the palate and good lift to it, although finish is mostly lengthy acidity.
Macabeu, Chardonnay, Parellada · 13% · 7.50EUR
88 1 Stars