DO Costers del Segre gets a much-needed new look

by  |  20-05-2018

If you don’t live in Catalunya and haven’t heard of DO Costers del Segre, you’re very much excused. Actually, even if you do live in Catalunya and haven’t heard of it, I’d be hard pressed to really give you any slack over it. One of Catalunya’s 11 DOs (#12, DO Cava is administered by Spain), it’s wholly contained with the province of Lleida which is the only one of Catalunya’s four provinces without a coastline. Given this, it’s a bit forgotten despite the fact that it’s lovely territory with unique cuisine and sites to see. But when it comes to wine, there are just under 40 cellars and it’s hard to really define a unique style to the region. I don’t know why they didn’t call it DO Lleida instead of DO Costers del Segre (the slopes of the Segre River) but in some regard, they’ve attempted to deal with […]
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