Dumb SUV driver wipes out old vines

Last weekend, a group of retired Barcelonians, out on a weekend jaunt in an undoubtedly ridiculous SUV destroyed a number of old vines when they drove in to a field claiming that they were “looking for a restaurant” called, Buidasacs. This occurred in Sant Martí de Maldà, l’Urgell in the Lleida Province. While a very small village, it falls within the subzone of Vall del Riu Corb which is actually a very nice location for grape cultivation under DO Costers del Segre. Also a nice place to visit which is why this SUV-piloting group was there in the first place I’d assume.

Naturally, the loss is incalculable as you can’t just pop out and plant new old vines. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, like as was the case when the Rally Catalunya fans came to Priorat and tore them out. This is of course just one of the many things winemakers are up against as the grape growers in that video list off that they have to deal with rabbits and boars as well. Who would have thought Sunday drivers from the city would be little more than puttering along and congesting roads when trying to eat out on the weekend.

As a follow up during the past week, apparently the offending party went down and apologized to the grape growers and offered to pay for the damages. At least there was that as people in the city often view the country as a vast nothingness where they can do whatever they want. Although it was admittedly only due to the fact that the grape growers pressed charges so grand goodness of heart didn’t really place in to it.

This isn’t just isolated to Spain and for some reason, vines appear to be a natural magnet for vehicular destruction. It’s like someone looks out over a bucolic vineyard and says, “Wow, this is just strikingly beautiful. Let’s race some cars through it!” This was shown frightening well in the 2012 Rally France crash. So, what is it about rallies and their wanton destruction to vineyards?