Celler Cérvoles – Garnatxa de Cérvoles 2015

Every time I’ve visited Mas Blanch i Jové for some event or another (they do many that are great), I’ve seen the Cérvoles Celler and always think, “Dammit, still need to visit there.” For some reason, I’m also of the unshakable belief that it’s a new cellar despite having been around for 20 years now. Such is how it goes in DO Costers del Segre as due to it being a varied landscape and collection of subzones that stretch over the entirety of the Lleida Province, it’s hard to really keep track of all of it.

Thankfully, Cérvoles thought well enough to send me a sample of a new wine that’s 100% Grenache from a single parcel called, “Les Garrigues”. It’s a curious wine as given that the vineyard sits at 700m in altitude, it’s a more high elevation wine than what you typically find in Catalonia, but it doesn’t taste it. There’s something of a muted character to the wine and I feel that while it’s a solidly-made bottle, they’re still working to find the exact way to express this particular parcel. It’s also good to keep in mind that 2015 was a vintage generally lacking acidity in the region, so it will be interesting to taste this again in say the 2016 vintage which is shaping up to be very solid across the board.

This bottle was provided as a review sample by the winery

Garnatxa de Cérvoles 2015
Bit hot in the nose with young red cherry notes, garrigue with thyme predominant, bit jammy, medium intensity. Harmonious in the mouth, touch of sweet strawberry to it, even and generally pleasing fruit, alcohol well-set, medium finish with persistent red fruit. Seems like a more cool climate Grenache as everything is a bit more subdued yet still overall expressive.

100% Grenache 14.50€ 14.5%