In The Glass – Caralluna del Montgrí Vi Gees 2013

vigeesRafel Faixedas and Carles Xuriguera are two comedians in Catalonia. A few years back they planted some vineyards near the village of Vulpellac in Baix Empordà which sits a touch south of Montgrí Massif (nice hike up to the castle.) There used to be a great many more vineyards there back in the day but now there are just a few and all that there are, have been planted quite recently.

Their project is called, Caralluna del Montgrí and their first release was Assaig which has now been followed up by “Vi Gees” which instead of writing it “Vi Gis” which would have made more sense with the pronunciation in Catalan, they went with this silly spelling of disco supergroup, the Bee Gees. Was it mentioned before that they’re comedians? Despite this and the un-photographable disco ball label, the wine is a surprisingly good young wine that offers up a really pleasing price-quality ratio.

Vi Gees
Soft strawberry, fig and general red fruit notes with a clay-like hint. Even in the mouth with a good, balanced acidity that carries in to the finish.

100% Grenache 14% 6€