In The Glass: Mas Oller – Plus 2013

by  |  24-06-2016

It was more than 6 years ago that I first visited Mas Oller. It was so long ago that I remember having trouble finding them due to a lack of sign at the time and being somewhat hidden despite being right next to the village of Torrent in Baix Empordà. Times have changed since then but amazingly, the wines have remained the same providing a great blend of Catalan grapes with a dash of Frenchiness, the tang of the nearby sea, and then a splash of Tramuntana wind blowing throughout the year. The prices have remained reasonable as well and the wines provide a great value for the price. The winery has however changed. Little by little they’ve been recuperating this old farmhouse and using every square centimeter of the modern winery built-in to the old barn next to it. It’s been rewarding to see that such things can still […]
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