In The Glass: Rebels de Batea 2013

by  |  08-07-2014

These new wines called, “Rebels de Batea” are part of a larger series called, 7 Magnifics or the “Magnificent Seven”. It’s a project of überwinery, Torres to create smaller wines in unique locations with the idea to showcase what’s special about the region. These first two bottles in the series–a white and a red–are from Terra Alta and almost completely Grenache. The marketing of them promotes the whole harvested by hand and from “mostly” old vines aspect of the wines, although it’s impossible to prove any of this as the wines are obviously blended from several different vineyards (necessary if producing 48,000 bottles) and the articles I’ve read are all quick to point out that it’s a Torres project but yet not a Torres project. As these are the first two of the seven “magnificents” that means there are five more to go and apparently they’ll be celebrating other DO’s […]
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