Catalan BBQ wine gets a new look: Castell del Remei Gotim

by  |  04-07-2016

It’s been four Julys in a row that I’ve not been in the US for Independence Day on the 4th. This isn’t something that I consider to be the utmost of tragedies as it’s a... more »

DO Costers del Segre

by  |  18-04-2016

DO Costers del Segre doesn’t see a lot of love in the press generally. It’s Catalonia’s most interior DO and is the only DO in the Lleida Province. Due to its geographic location, it’s often... more »

Dumb SUV driver wipes out old vines

by  |  11-03-2016

Last weekend, a group of retired Barcelonians, out on a weekend jaunt in an undoubtedly ridiculous SUV destroyed a number of old vines when they drove in to a field claiming that they were “looking... more »

Like water through a stone: Raül Bobet

by  |  04-03-2016

This is part four a four-part series on “rebellious” winemakers in Catalunya. Please read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three Another winemaker who constantly goes against the grain and stands in the face of... more »

A meeting of Grenaches, Les Printemps de Châteauneuf 2015

by  |  20-04-2015

This past 11-13th of April was the sixth edition of Les Printemps de Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Organized by the association of young winegrowers, this year it showcased 86 of the local domaines. The atmosphere is overall quite... more »

Celler Comalats

by  |  21-12-2014

When it comes to wine regions in Catalonia, DO Costers del Segre doesn’t get a lot of love. Spread out over various chunks in the most remote province of the region (and the only one... more »

10 Sentits is back with Cat Negre 2012

by  |  11-12-2014

In Catalonia there exists a a marauding group of enologs who go anonymously as the “10 sentits” or “10 senses”. I’ve met some who know a member or two, but it seems that no one... more »

Mas Blanch i Jové: Vinya dels Artistes

by  |  21-07-2013

A couple of weekends ago we were fortunate to be guests to the 3rd annual “Vinya dels Artistes” event put on by the winery, Mas Blanch i Jové in DO Costers del Segre of Catalonia.... more »

Tasting the Castell de Raimat collection

by  |  18-03-2013

Sometime back, I joked that the Costers del Segre winery, Raimat was more reliable than god. The reasoning behind this is that they have a very nice price point for their wines and so you... more »