Looking up California Street to Nob Hill with fog, naturally

The “San Francisco” cocktail17-03-2016

This article was one I was kicking around for some time as it formed a perfect, San Francisco-Barcelona bridge albeit a cocktail-centric one. I ended up running it at my friend’s cocktail blog in Spanish,... more>


A collection of nifty wine and travel bits from around the interwebs. Paris Pricing Insanity On our recent trip up to Paris, we found the murder the they get away with on wine prices with... more>

Sereno Sidecar: The cocktail is real03-08-2012

It really wasn’t meant to be originally. While ensconced in the “Fortress of Solitude” (a rather isolated 11th century Catalan farmhouse) working on the Empordà guide we’d take a break here and there to do... more>

What to do with Vi Ranci?25-06-2012

In Catalonia, vi ranci is a wine made via an oxidation process. It can be, well, an acquired tasted. When it’s good, it’s interesting with this kind of burnt quality to it that is actually... more>

In The Glass: A fond farewell, Koko Cocktails01-08-2011

The weekend sadly saw the close of one of our favorite cocktail bars in San Francisco, Koko Cocktails. When not drinking wine, we would often find ourselves there to enjoy one of their great mixes,... more>