The weekend sadly saw the close of one of our favorite cocktail bars in San Francisco, Koko Cocktails.

When not drinking wine, we would often find ourselves there to enjoy one of their great mixes, such as the “Smoked Weed” which you see pictured to the side, having a base of mescal and a dash of chili powder, long before mezcal got exceedingly popular and well, stupid.

They were even solid on old favorites like the Vieux Carré you see at the top or Manhattans and Old Fashioneds which we drank a number of during their last days. Naturally, the owners were an encouraging lot and, despite being a booze bar, they kept wine in house as well, specifically the bottles from Broc Cellars which was part of our formal introduction to those wines.

We will indeed miss Koko and we can only hope that their move to become the new Hi-Lo Club in their new location (the current building is set to be demolished) manages to happen sometime soon. (*)

(*) It ultimately succeeded, but the format of the bar changed a good deal being located on Polk Street.