In The Glass: Broc Cellars 2007 Bennett Valley Grenache

by  |  28-07-2011

When pouring it, you think, “Wait, a Californian winemaker who actually allows the true color of Grenache to come through? No way! This just might be interesting.” And, it is. The 2007 Bennett Valley Grenche from Broc Cellars is noteworthy and not just because it’s aged in Berkeley. The wine is true to the European style of winemaking while at the same time is an honest, full-bodied Grenache that pays due tribute to Sonoma Valley grapes from which is sourced. With dark cloves and a general spiciness, we can’t really think of any meal that it would be ill-suited for which is probably why we polished it off in one sitting paired with homemade chorizo fajitas. It definitely rates as a must-buy when it comes to locally-produced Californian wine.
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