by  |  18-08-2013

A collection of nifty wine and travel bits from around the interwebs. Paris Pricing Insanity On our recent trip up to Paris, we found the murder the they get away with on wine prices with the above two wines from Mas Estela in DO Empordà at 16.50€ and 51€ whereas in Barcelona they’re 9.95€ and 23.95€. Paris by Mouth “Our guide to Paris wine bars” is a mighty useful reference to the wine bars around Paris, especially if you’re going to Paris like we did recently. Speaking French may or may not be optional, but it sure won’t hurt other than the fact that speaking French twists the Anglophone mouth in to a burnt croissant. David Lebovitz “Pith Helmet” is a tasty cocktail for those blustery summer days in Paris which we know well. He even made his own bitters for this tipple, which makes it triply impressive. Vinologue “Dalmatia […]
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