The vineyards of Belleville Park in Paris

by  |  12-08-2013

For those that have walked about the Belleville neighborhood in Paris, you know it to be something of a varied and colorful neighborhood. It lacks that grand “Parisian” quality that so many lend to the French capital and is much more working class and full of recent immigrants. Some streets are just one discount Chinese shop upon another. Others are in a state of quasi hipster gentrification which essentially means that trendy restaurants with raw wood interiors are being put in to businesses that were once actually useful to the neighborhood. Then, there’s the Belleville Park. Sitting atop a small hill, it’s one of the more lovely elevated views of Paris you can find and happens to be the highest park in the city. The buildings in the park offer little in the way of magnetic attraction given that they were built in 1988 and most definitely show it in […]
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