In Paris, Rosé time is happening right now

by  |  16-08-2013

I was once told by an importer that in New York, rosé wine is a great wine to have in your catalog if you manage to sell out of all of it in the two weeks of Spring that comprise the “season” wherein people prefer to drink it. In Spain, it can generally be found throughout all of the Summer as it’s seen to be more full bodied than a white, but not as potent as a red. Also, it needs to be chilled, so it’s refreshing. The Parisians take this to an exponential degree, though, and it seems that August is their month of choice to drink all the rosé to be found. Every store I went in to had massive displays such as the one above that occupied the whole entrance at the impressive store Lavinia on Boulevard de la Madeleine. The “going on vacation lunch” I accidentally […]
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