Review of SOMM: Into the Bottle

by  |  01-09-2016

Some might wonder the logic in reviewing a film that came out eight months previous but in the case of SOMM: Into the Bottle, it was mainly because I wanted to reflect on it a bit after having watched it as it is indeed a very, very different film from the first, SOMM. It’s so different, that I don’t really see why there’s the continuation of the name as it’s not really about the sommelier craft and mostly just about wine. This of course was picked up upon in a funny Hostmaster post that gave a great deal of protagonism to Master Sommelier, Geoff Kruth’s hair. That aside and despite the large departure from the first film, there has been a rather natural evolution between the two films. SOMM 1 started as something of a lark given that filmmaker, Jason Wise’s friend Brian McClintic was studying for the MS and […]
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