Color me unsurprised, Wine Folly gets Priorat dead wrong

by  |  12-04-2016

There’s usually not too much to be gained in pointing out someone else’s errors. At best, people see you as a smart ass. At worst, they see you as an asshole. Essentially, some varying shade or tincture of “ass”. Thus, you really can’t win and normally, if it were just a blog post, I’d let something like Wine Folly’s take on Priorat slide with little more than a shrug. Unfortunately I’m not afforded this option due to Madeline Puckette anointing herself as the approachable “expert” in wine and there’s just too much in this article that portrays the region inaccurately without any depth and at times, seeming to be her own personal opinion. As I’ve stated in a previous article, I didn’t really have a problem with Wine Folly when Puckette started out. It was a cool, visually attractive project that made facts and figures about wine more graphically-appealing to […]
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