To somm or not to somm

by  |  11-08-2014

At the end of last week I was having a meal with friends in the Priorat village of Porrera at La Cooperativa. The friends in question happened to be Albert and Roger of Vall Llach and Maria of Sangenís i Vaqué–good friends to have and naturally we were joined by Ana and Joaquim, the owners of Cal Compte in the next village over. All people knowledgeable about the region and its wines. After running through two whites to start, we switched to reds and Albert asked Litus, the co-owner of La Cooperativa with his wine Mia, to bring out the red blind to have us guess what it was. Upon tasting it we all knew it was a Priorat wine, so no mystery there. But of course which village, cellar, and year was the real question. I was convinced that it was from a southern village cellar and a more […]
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