Points and wines otherwise unknown

by  |  06-01-2012

Mike’s Steinberger’s Wine Diarist has quickly become one of my favorite wine pundits in the fray. His professional background as a former writer for Slate comes through time and again as he crafts wonderfully insightful and well-thought articles. One that I felt was worth sharing was from yesterday called Quiz Time wherein he talks about the recent points scoring in Napa by “Proxy-Parker”, Antonio Galloni. Everyone is in a bit of a flutter over the fact that the scores seem to have been inflated which Dr. Vino talks about. Mike takes all of this one step further and presents the text of two reviews without mentioning the wines (or the publication) and asks readers to assign the scores that they had. If you care about scores, you should read that article and the comments first before reading the follow up that tells what the actual scores were. It says a […]
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