Enjoying Plovac Mali and other Croatian islandisms

by  |  03-02-2012

Something that is to be expected, yet still surprising when traversing the Croatian islands of Dalmatia, is the change in language. The dialects of Croatian will actually shift in very large degrees from island to island and people who are native speakers can tell which island someone is from depending on how they talk. So, while all one language, it can definitely make for some tricky conversations. If someone doesn’t speak English, but does speak other languages besides Croatian, it will likely be easier to have them speak in a mix rather than the normal Hvar dialect, which is very difficult to understand even if you know a fair degree of Croatia. Those who live on the mainland coast have a word for the people on the islands (specifically, Hvar), which is, ‘bodulski’. It is difficult to get out of folks if this is meant as an insult, but you’ll […]
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