One week to Zagreb and the Wine Gourmet Weekend

by  |  05-04-2012

In a week, I’ll be touching down at Pleso International in Zagreb to dig in to three days of Croatian wines. While I’m not a huge fan of queuing up to tables and rushing through piles of winemakers (a single bottle of wine should be enjoyed over an evening after all) it’s a great opportunity to see the new wines that have popped on to the scene since my last visit. The steadily pounding waves of winery modernization have completely swept over all of Croatia at this point and it will be interesting to see if they’ve become more uniform or still maintain their unique character, especially in the case of the Dingač wineries. Also, just getting to hang out with winemaker friends like Alen Bibich is always an opportunity I’ll take. I’m really hoping that there will be at least some Bosnia Herzegovina wineries in attendance. Many of them […]
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