In The Glass: Kunjasić Pošip 2010

by  |  23-07-2012

As something of a bookend to the Kunjasić’s Plavac Mali, we opened up their 2010 Pošip the other night; both of which are from Korčula island in Croatia. It hits 13.7% alcohol and despite no claims of oak aging on the label, it’s surprisingly dark and golden in the glass. The nose opens with grapefruit and bitter fruit. The body is initially bright with a downplayed acidity that comes up a good deal more in the finish. As it decants, minerality comes in to play a bit and it also picks up a touch of lime in the finish. Overall, it’s quite normal of what comes out of the vineyards around Smokvica which I find to be a bit more of a brooding, dark take on the grape as opposed to those grown in neighboring Čara (where the seem a bit more brighter, although less deep), although I enjoy both […]
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