Krajančić – Intrada 2016

The Dalmatian grape, Pošip can most certainly be boring, banal, and limp. If overproduced and fermented in large, not perfectly-controlled volumes it dies a mournful death aromatically. But, like so many grapes, when a simple two shits are given, it’s a lovely, effusive white wine.

Krajančić gives those shits via low-yielding vines and clean, modern winemaking in a boutique cellar. I’m constantly amazed by what Luka makes on the quite lovely island of Korčula. I’ve written before about his wines and with good reason: they are unique outliers of deliciousness on a island ripe for potential when it comes to this grape. Overall, most on Korčula do it well, but Krajančić takes it to the next level and this is a bottle I picked up at last February at the Vinart event in Zagreb. Definitely worth a sniff and a pleasant evening if you’re able to get your hands on it.

Intrada 2016
Light grapefruit, salinity, crisp orange peel, lovely plump white peach. Medium acidity and body, very nice balance and a lingering, delightful finish.

100% Pošip 13% 14€