The Pošip of Krajančić

by  |  28-11-2011

The islands off the coast of Croatia are nothing short of stunning and Korčula is the one island that has the advantage of not being a long, once-a-day ferry ride away from the mainland, and about two hours’ drive north of Dubrovnik. At the same time, it offers all the island beauty and is surprisingly quiet once you get away from the tourist-fest of Korčula City on the east end. If one is so inclined, you can get even more peace by going to the south-facing village of Zavalatica where winemaker Luka Krajančić is based. Heading down the same road that goes to Pošip Čara you’ll know when you’ve hit Zavalatica. Its brilliant blue waters are some of the clearest to be found. The dock on one side of the village is full of kids plunging in during the peak of the summer. On the other side, down a single […]
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