This is a tasty bottle we came across last week. Aldea de Buscarós is a new winery in Empordà on an old farm estate west of the small mountain village of Capmany. Secluded and tranquil, the winery started as a small, personal project and in the last two years has blossomed in to a full-fledged business with their wine: Broc.

Essentially, Broc is the kind of wine to spend an evening with. Upon first opening, the nose is full of ripe blackberries, dark fruits, and a bit fruit-forward. The body is even-tempered with a mild acidity. After 30-60 minutes of decanting the wine changes a great deal. The tannins come out of the body much more and the berry aromas in the nose die off in to a delicious dusty aspect. The finish stays clean and well-mannered throughout. This bottle presents a little something for all red wine drinkers. Delicious and wonderfully priced at ~9€ where you can find it in Alt Empordà.

We’ll be talking more about this wine and the winery in our Empordà wine guide.


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