Give Croatian Wines a D.O.!

by  |  23-08-2012

At the end of 2012’s summer, the tubes of the internet will be flush with brand new “Croatian wine” articles which is a cycle that has been repeating itself since social media fired up around 2006. In the ebb and flow of this digital tide, these articles wash up, are seen for a little bit and then wash away. Part of the reason you see so many articles is that in general, many wine regions in Europe have really been pushing and investing in creating buzz (although you could easily call it noise) around them. Part of this is to try and attract tourists, although wading through the mass of everything that is online to plan your holidays is beyond anyone’s abilities anymore. Another part of it is to try and gain international attention for a region like Croatia where domestic demand has fallen, upwards of 40%. There are a […]
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