AOC, AVA, DO, DOC, and now: HV

by  |  26-08-2011

For those who enjoy digging a bit deeper on wines, the following terms will be rather familiar to you: AOC, AVA, DO, and DOC. These are of course controlled wine regions in France, the US, Spain, and Italy. Overall, they work rather well to certify that a wine is from the region that it claims to be. Yes, they have their flaws (especially the American AVA system which is something of a mess currently) but if nothing else, they’re a good starting point. I will posit that it’s actually problematic not to have region certifications in a country as it can lead to large-production wine that’s cheaper to make and blend from multiple regions as opposed to having small, craft wine from specific regions. This is why a countries like Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are at something of a crucial point. They still have their small wineries, but with […]
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