On drinking, ćevapi, etc. in Portland

by  |  23-09-2011

It’s often the case that wherever we go, we’re always on the lookout for ćevapi. These tasty little Balkan sausages can be rather elusive and despite the large diaspora, nearly impossible to find in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is why we were thrilled to find Two Brothers Cafe & Grill in Portland. This is pretty true to form Bosnian food from a family that came from Sarajevo. Not only do they have ćevapi, but they also have pljeskavica and a whole slew of other Balkan meats which were readily being consumed by a group of South Slavs out with the families for their Sunday get together. The ćevapi were indeed delicious and we highly recommend stopping in if you’re in Portland, not only because it’s the only choice, but because it’s good. Some people on review websites don’t really “get” the place, but that only shows they’ve never […]
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