Abadal 3.9 is the newest Vi de Finca

by  |  19-12-2016

It has just been announced that Abadal’s 3.9 is be the newest Vi de Finca in Catalonia as certified by INCAVI, the Catalan wine authority. This now brings the total to nine of these certified vineyards produced by six separate cellars. As a quick review, this system of classifying wines a “vi de finca” in Catalonia is essentially an effort to create a “cru” system as you find in France for qualifying specific vineyards that reach what is seen to be a higher quality of wine. It can of course seem a bit curious as there’s usually no history about a certain vineyard that would make it seem to warrant fame as you’d see in say, Côte d’Or, Burgundy. But this is the point as Catalonia hasn’t had the documented history you’d need for such endeavors and so they’re having to build it from the ground up. An interesting pursuit […]
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