In The Glass: Abadal Matís 2017

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There is a wealth of choice in the world of wine today from which I received this curiosity by Abadal recently. I say, “curiosity” as it’s a new wine where they heavily feature Mandó, a native grape to the region of DO Pla de Bages that they’ve been working to recuperate and reestablish on a commercial level. I said it previously, but I’ll say it again in that this is a grape with great potential, especially with current market trends towards lighter alcohol.

Matís is Catalan for “detail” or “hue” and that’s the idea here to show different details and shades of the Pla de Bages region. The base of the Mandó forms (a nearly lost) part of traditional winemaking. On top of this they then build with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Merlot; two grapes Abadal believes have found a second home there. I wouldn’t disagree with the winery on that point as Pla de Bages isn’t a “typical” Catalan region given that most are but a stone’s skip from the sea. This “plain of Bages” is a good deal more to the interior but yet without seeing the continental extremes you encounter a bit further west.

The French grapes don’t really take any kind of overwhelming lead in this wine and are merely an accent given that I mainly pick up on the Mandó characteristics. These center around red fruits notes and a general “forest-y” sense in that there’s a bit of wet earth as well as slight leafy notes.

Overall quite pleasing wine that’s made even more approachable and quaffable by the low alcohol–a welcome change in this new era of winemaking. Yet one more wine that shows Mandó has a great deal of potential in the vast sea of grape possibilities.


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4 responses to “In The Glass: Abadal Matís 2017”

  1. Marzena Dziuk says:

    Sounds highly palatable… What’s the price, if I may ask?

  2. Marvin List says:

    I would love to taste their wines. Do you know if they export to the U.S.?

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