When “travel writing” is neither

by  |  30-08-2011

I came across this article on The Telegraph yesterday by Nigel Donnelly. To summarize, it’s an article about “caravanning” on holiday. Nigel and his wife jam through several countries before entering Croatia and naturally, that’s where the “adventure” begins. That made the contrast of Croatia even more stark. We needed passports and paperwork to get across the border for the first time on the trip and all the English signage evaporated too. We had to get some Kunar too as Croatia hasn’t adopted the Euro. Actually, they would have needed passports to enter France as the UK is not in Schengen and as for “English signage”, I would think that would have disappeared once they left England. Also, the reason that Croatia is on the kuna (not Kunar, which is something I have to attribute to some English speakers adding an “r” to “a”-ended words) is that they’re not even […]
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