Wanna buy a castle?

by  |  16-07-2012

You would think that, given the wide availability of Castell de Biart wines around Empordà that this winery, built upon the ruins of a 12th century castle that Napoleon destroyed while running back to France in the 1700’s, is thriving like crazy. But, the fact is, it isn’t. According to every source we’ve encountered, including workers behind the faux-castle gates, it has shut down production completely. The wines currently in the bottles are really just being sold off as fast as they can. You can readily find them at such shops as Wine Palace who have thankfully redesigned their website. No word on whether there’s a fire sale for the castle and winery though. Historically, the wines of Castell de Biart have always been affordable with 3€ getting you a good bottle and 10€ getting you a fantastic bottle. We don’t really know what happened, but for the savvy consumer […]
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