Welcome to a bit of newness here at Hudin.com.

As you can see, there’s a very new look to site and what’s more, we’re presenting a smashing, two-year anniversary 60% off membership discount you can see below!

Having run this site for over a decade, we launched a subscription-based version in 2019 which allowed new, in-depth reports and a large database of wines to be amassed.

This new stage in the evolution now takes in all the years of visiting wines regions and writing books to present a new set of resources for subscribers to make use of in addition to news, articles, and wine reports!

  • Reference – This is a brand new section that we’ll be growing over time but is already chocked full of great information in the following three sections:
    • Wine Regions – Work is ongoing to compile an extensive reference and online database for wine regions around the world. For our launch, we’ve completed the reference for Spain. This is without a doubt the more complete reference to the country available online. You’ll find a short regional summary in addition to all the juicy facts and data. We’ll be rolling out other regions in due course, with a focus on more “off beat” corners of wine. All this is available to subscribers.
    • Wineries – If wine is reviewed on this site, then the winery that made it will have a profile page here. Much like the Wine Regions, this is being filled in with all the data accumulated from visiting and profile wineries for the last decade plus.
    • Wine Grapes – Ever wondered about a grape and where it’s from? This is a reference that’s fully up and running now with current information on hundreds of grape varieties for quick reference.
  • New Home Page – We’ve opened up the sections a bit more so that you see everything that’s available on the site. This was especially important in the case of reports that you might have missed.
  • New Wine Review Pages – We’ve changed the layout and information of the wine reviews on the site in order to incorporate and cross link all this information for easy access–it seemed like the natural thing to do!
  • Better Search – At the top on the desktop version and at the bottom on the mobile version, you can now quickly search for either wines or articles without having to click around. Want an article? Click on the text icon. Want a wine? Click on the bottle icon. Additionally, we’ll be updating and refining our wine search system shortly to give even more finite control to discover wines in our thousands-strong database.

Sounds interesting? Consider subscribing to support one of the few independent and transparent wine publications covering the vast world of wine.

Just to make this even more enticing, we’re offering a $33 discount off the subscription fee of $55 to make it, yes $22 for the year. When you go to subscribe just using the code ‘2years2days’ to get the discount. Oh yeah, it’s only good for 2 days so act now!

Many thanks to all out subscribers who have been with us from the beginning as well as those who have joined over the last two years!


6 responses to “Two years! New features! Two day membership sale!”

  1. Bengt Sjöberg says:

    Great promotion! I renewed my subscription a few months ago. Can I extend it with one more year for $22?
    Kind regards

  2. Joanna Breslin says:

    I signed up and the coupon was not applied even though I entered it.

  3. Craig Kirkwood says:

    I just sent an email as I am in a similar situation. Last renewed on April 28, 2021.

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