Velles Vinyes: DOQ Priorat releases the most stringent “old vines” definition in Spain & maybe the world

by  |  30-05-2019

When I first started getting into wine, if it said “Old Vines” on the label I would usually buy it. Being Californian, Zinfandel had a regular spot in my shopping cart but this grew to other wines as well including Rhône and Chile. As I’ve found out in the years that followed, the term “old vines” has next to no legal definition and is a topic that talented writer and my good friend, Kelli White delved into at length recently. What is an “old vine”? The problem is that it could be 100 years old… or it could be 10 years old, possible from a historic vineyard, or possibly not. There has largely been no stipulation as to when someone can print this on a label. I have to surmise that due to the French (our almighty arbiters of all things “fine” in wine) not really finding old vines to […]
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