Trepat, Catalonia’s “Pinot Noir”?

by  |  28-06-2016

It’s always a minefield to compare one wine grape to another, especially when styles around the world vary so much but in terms of Catalonia’s Trepat grape and Pinot Noir, there are more aspects than just light color and a good deal of tightness when young. The most important one is how much both of these grapes go in making sparkling wines. Pinot Noir is one of the three grapes in Champagne while the mast majority of Trepat grown goes in to Cava production. Slowly, this is changing in Catalonia and DO Conca de Barberà (no, not the grape, Barbera) is responsible for a great deal of this as the 1,000ha that exist in Catalonia are almost all in this DO. Several bold cellars there decided that this grape, which is seen as being native to the region, deserved more attention than just being fed in to the machinations of […]
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