Molí dels Capellans – Atrepat 2015

by  |  24-03-2017

Last June I wrote about the Festa del Trepat that happens yearly in DO Conca de Barberà as a way to celebrate the leaps that have been made in giving the Trepat grape more protagonism via varietal bottling. A good number of cellars in the DO have learned how to work the grape and there were some smashing examples at that fair which showed that it’s a grape worth more than just being yet another permitted part of the Cava blend (that honor can and should be passed to Chardonnay…) One of the wines that really struck me was Molí dels Capellans as it seems they’ve found a happy balance with the grape, nudging it just enough to tease out its best qualities while at the same time, not trying to bash it into something else. Their Atrepat (a play on the Catalan, atrapat which means, “to be caught up”) […]
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