In The Glass: Lectores Vini – Pomagrana 2018

by  |  09-09-2019

Trepat comes up with regularity on this site for good reason as it sits at that most delicate of intersections wherein it is approachable yet flavorful and not terribly alcoholic. This is no mean feat to pull off and I’m firmly of the belief that the grape has a brilliant future ahead of it, especially with wines such as this Pomagrana from Lectores Vini. This project was started in 2016 by Fredi Torres and Marc Lecha to make wines in both DO Conca de Barberà and DO Montsant with the Pomagrana being the wine from the former and La Selecció being from the latter.

As they don’t have their own cellar up in Conca, Fredi and Marc make this at Mas Foraster in the Medieval town of Montblanc. The organically-farmed grapes come from the father of the Albert Canela who started Succés Vinícola with his wife, Mariona Vendrell at the viver or winery “nursery” in Conca de Barberà which was created to get more small projects off the ground.

What to expect in this wine? Well, despite the clear bottle and light color, it’s not a Rosé. Trepat is a naturally light-colored grape so much so that the reason you haven’t really heard about it is that most all of the grapes were feeding into DO Cava for its sparkling Rosé wines historically. It’s only in the last five or so years that there’s been a hearty push by DO Conca de Barberà behind the variety, thankfully.

In the glass the wine is light with an absolutely slathering amount of acidity to wet your appetite but it still holds excellent fruit definition as well as varietal character of Trepat that some people might find a touch in line with Pinot Noir. But it’s fresh, inviting, well priced and each year that I’ve tasted it, shows constant improvement upon the previous as they (as well as others in the DO) learn the variety better.

If you’re sold on this wine, it needs mentioning that there’s one problem with it. With a relatively small production of 7,000 bottles, the wine disappears faster than a sin on Sunday. Fredi is looking to increase the production as while he makes more each year, it sells out earlier and earlier and I actually had to beg a couple of extra bottles that he dug out of somewhere as the first one literally vanished down my gullet without even so much as a blink.


Lectores Vini - Pomagrana 2018
Tart red cherries and cranberry, fresh green forest herbs, heather, bit of mossy notes and wet tea leaves, tart garrigue with a reductive slant. High, very fresh acidity, nicely integrated with the fruit notes and holds a decent amount of structure despite the lighter alcohol. Good persistence as well.
100% Trepat · 11% · 10EUR
90 2 Stars


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