DO Conca de Barberà is not the grape, Barbera

by  |  09-05-2016

With today’s regional focus being on the Catalan wine region, DO Conca de Barberà, it’s probably a good moment to chat about something that’s very easy to confuse in that this wine region has absolutely nothing to do with the Italian wine variety of nearly the same name, Barbera. It would be an exceptionally easy mistake to make, especially if in the United States where the emphasis is on the variety first and the region second when it comes to labeling. Say you roll in to your local wine shop and, if they have a sense of adventure, you find Conca de Barberà on the front label. When you get home, you will then immediately find that the accent on the ‘à’ makes a great deal of difference as the wines from this region and those from Piedmont where the Barbera grape is prolific in DOCG Nizza and DOCG Barbera […]
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