The Plavac and the Darnekuša of Plančić

by  |  28-05-2012

Plančić is a coastal Croatian winery on Hvar Island and when it comes to making truly Croatian wines, they know their business given that they only use native Croatian grapes. Bogdanuša, Parč, Darnekuša, and of course, Plavac Mali are all grapes that bless their vineyards. Is that being a hardcore Croat winemaker? You bet, and in Plančić’s case, it pays off a great deal in the end with an excellent series of wines, some of which are even grown on the ancient UNESCO World Heritage site of the Stari Grad Plain. I came back from the Wine Gourmet Weekend in April with a couple of bottles. While neither was their mindbogglingly delicious Pharos Grand Cru (a bottle they were keeping under the table at the fair), they’re both a solid representation of the wines that they have on offer. Plavac Mali 2008 is a take on the wine that weighs […]
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