The island wines of Menorca

by  |  08-06-2012

Menorca, a veritable all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of beaches around a compact island, is more than just its sand and sun. There is a fantastic dose of history on the island, dating back thousands of years. There’s also a great food scene, which revolves around the quite fantastic Maó/Mahón cheese that they make. Then of course, there are the wines. By no means is Menorca like Mallorca. Its big brother to the south has over 60 wineries in two DO’s. Menorca is much, much smaller with just a handful currently producing and three more with young vineyards that need another year or two before they can start harvesting. Despite this, the wines are unique and interesting, capturing all the wild herbs that abound across the island. Taking a break from working on our Empordà wine guide, we headed out there for some sun and grapes, although there are only three wineries that […]
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