Bodega Otazu’s Vitral, the 2,000€ ruse

by  |  24-02-2017

A few days ago, word came down that there is a new, ultra-premium-priced wine from Spain, the Bodega Otazu – Vitral 2013. Undeterred by the idea of a mere 1,000€ for Pingus or l’Ermita, they’ve plunged ahead with a price of 2,000€ a bottle for this wine. It’s a price that makes me feel as if ‘vitriol’ to be a better name as such a price per bottle, in addition being ludicrous and unwarranted just continues to paint wine as this exclusive thing as opposed to a delicious alcoholic drink. At its core, this is a 2013 wine from DO Navarra that’s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, and Merlot, with a limited release of 688 bottles. So, let’s look at that. First up, there is the DO Navarra aspect. People in the US won’t know this DO as well as those in UK as they export heavily to the […]
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