A further tasting of Bodega Otazu

by  |  10-10-2017

When the mega top-end “Vitral” by Bodega Otazu was announced earlier this year, I wrote a critique of the overall approach of creating what is for all purposed a “cult wine”, one which is created solely for the collector market due to its relative scarcity. While I’ve encountered the Otazu wines here and there, my tastings have been scattered, so it was something of a relief to finally visit the cellar recently and have a longer tasting on the premises. It should be noted that said premises are exceedingly lovely. Located in what was an old señorío or better known to English speakers as a “manor”, the vines spread far and wide across a basin that opens up near Pamplona just as the Cantabrian Mountains give way. There’s a small collection of old stone homes near the cellar that date back to a founding in the 12th century and the […]
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