Oddero: A rainbow of vintages, Barolo and beyond

by  |  07-11-2019

Being in London means tasting a great many wines if one is so inclined. While the WSTA trade calendar is simply amazing in its listing of tastings and events, incredibly, not everything that happens is... more »

The 10€ Barolo experience

by  |  06-03-2017

Barolo. One of the most elegant of Italian wines, this famed, delicate Piedmonte interpretation of the Nebbiolo grape has been treasured for years now. It must be noted that it’s a wine that could takes... more »

Ceretto Barbaresco 2013, it does go boom

by  |  22-08-2016

If I were to tell you that Nebbiolo was spelled with two b’s, you’d look at me like I was an imbecile as yes, there are indeed two b’s in Nebbiolo. But, if I were... more »

In The Glass: Gaja – Sito Moresco 2010

by  |  05-10-2015

Opening up an Italian wine is often opening up a bottle of hurt. While the Italian classification systems aren’t as difficult as the French, they’re not as straightforward as say, Spain. There exist multiple levels,... more »