Terra Remota, Catalunya / Pagos de Anguix, Ribera del Duero

by  |  10-04-2023

I’ve batched these tasting notes together as both wine offerings fit this moment of springtime being that they’re all quite fresh wines–despite being from vastly different regions in Spain. In addition to freshness, the wines... more »

When “natural” comes a knockin’. Mascorrubí Heretat 1297 – Annat 2017

by  |  09-07-2018

Sometime back I was sent a couple of wines from a local region that actually had “natural” writ large upon the label. This was a new one to me as anyone producing wines of this... more »

DO Catalunya

by  |  01-08-2016

This is one of the more curious denominations of origin in Spain as DO Catalunya not only cover most of the territory of Catalunya but it also sits on top of all the other DOs... more »

A comparative tasting of Vins de Taller

by  |  28-05-2015

As we’ve mentioned before, Vins de Taller doesn’t get a lot of love up in Empordà. This is due primarily to their being just outside the Denomination of Origin and being under the much larger... more »

Tasting Cat Negre 2012

by  |  24-03-2015

A couple of months ago I wrote that 10 Sentits had released a new wine called, Cat Negre. A blend of selections from 10 Grenache vineyards from the 10 denominations of origin in Catalonia (minus... more »

In The Glass: Vins de Taller – Geum 2012

by  |  20-01-2015

It’s been tricky for the organic winery of Vins de Taller as while they’re an Empordà winery they’re not a DO Empordà winery. This is due mostly to sitting just outside the geographical borders of... more »

10 Sentits is back with Cat Negre 2012

by  |  11-12-2014

In Catalonia there exists a a marauding group of enologs who go anonymously as the “10 sentits” or “10 senses”. I’ve met some who know a member or two, but it seems that no one... more »

In The Glass: Ca N’Estruc Negre 2011

by  |  20-08-2012 ~ 2 Comments

Usually we use this section to highlight whatever is filling our glass at the moment. Maybe it's just a pleasant wine to drink or something we enjoyed quickly in passing. Rarely have we used this... more »