A Judgment of Paris-y kind of tasting26-02-2018

The “Judgment of Paris” is one of those things that anyone the least bit tinged with wine will most likely never let go of. Big events in wine are often only big to wine people,... more>

Napa Valley after journalism13-03-2013

An article came out in Spain’s El País newspaper on Sunday which is now available to read online. The title is “Napa después de ‘Entre copas’” which in English is “Napa after Sideways” given that... more>

Restoring Inglenook30-04-2012

In what has become something of a rarity, the San Francisco Chronicle published a very lengthy, in depth, and well-written article about Francis Ford Coppola’s restoration of the Inglenook winery. While I’ve always liked Jon... more>

Down home, country wine30-09-2011

The initial call to Long Creek Winery went along the lines of: “Hi, any chance we could come over for a tasting?” “We only do ’em on Saturday.” “Okay, but I’m only in town today... more>

Let’s cool that bottle off a bit20-06-2011

The comic strip above from the generally always genius Wulffmorgenthaler does a pretty good job at rounding up the general approaches to wine tasting. Of course, it’s not always the case that everyone drinking wine... more>