Restoring Inglenook

by  |  30-04-2012

In what has become something of a rarity, the San Francisco Chronicle published a very lengthy, in depth, and well-written article about Francis Ford Coppola’s restoration of the Inglenook winery. While I’ve always liked Jon Bonné’s writing, he is rarely afforded the space to really write longer articles given the Chronicle new found love of traffic-driving “listicles”. It appears that once given said space, he ran with it and wrote one of the best articles I’ve seen about the history and direction of this winery. This is a history I know very well as I worked for Coppola about 15 years ago and could nearly recite everything by heart. Beyond drinking $3/L crap wine in college, that was really my true introduction to wine given that as an employee, you receive a massive discount off the retail price, and are educated by those who know how to make proper wine. […]
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