Signs, wonderful signs for Catalan wines

by  |  13-11-2014

For the directionally impaired, the government of Catalonia has set about to install signs that indicate when you are entering one of the 10 Denomination of Origin regions that are easily signed. There are actually 12 en total, but Cava is weird because it overlaps with Penedès, is scattered around other villages and is also throughout Spain at large. Then of course there is DO Catalunya which is this weird kitchen sink of a DO that should actually be Vi de Catalunya (like Vin de France) as it comprises all of Catalonia and can be of just about any grape. They’ve started out with something of a pilot program comprised of 30 signs around all of Catalonia and DO Conca de Barberà received the first batch as pictured above. We’ve started seeing them in Priorat as well, but honestly, it’s freaking weird. You’d think that they’d put the sign at […]
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