Real World wines

by  |  31-10-2016

Old World wine regions can be summed up as “Europe” and then New World wine regions are essentially everything else. This is a pretty classic definition of wine and has seen us placing Bordeaux, France as distinctly Old World and Barossa Valley, Australia as distinctly New World. The problem is that these classic definitions are eroding and you’re seeing regions near Santa Barbara, California producing Chardonnay that’s much more similar to Côte de Beaune, France than it is to the oak butter we used to know to be Californian Chardonnay. I would like to propose that we add in a third definition to the Old/New classifications which is, Real World wines. In this would be many New World regions like South Africa where they’ve been producing wine for 400 years. Or then there’s Israel and Turkey, who have been producing wines since Biblical Times and the later even lays claims […]
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