Wine gifts and tools for the sommelier & collector

by  |  21-12-2015

Also have a look at this extended wine lovers/sommelier gift list As it often the case when people reach this point in December (or in about seven days in Europe for Three Kings), you have a list of people you might still need gifts for and they’ve got you scratching your head because they’re one of those, you know, fancy wine people. If you do indeed have one of these people, maybe it’s even worse and you have a sommelier or a collector that’s got you stumped. It’s tough to recommend getting them a bottle of wine as there is a high chance of it being scoffed at. You shouldn’t worry about this as you can tell them it was either the expensive Napa Cabernet you knew nothing about or a shitty sweater. When put in to those terms, they just might get your point, suck it up, and fruitcake […]
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